The SDT, abbreviation of our token, was created by Sadoqi Eljabir, an enigmatic character who wishes to remain anonymous, because he considers that charity is essentially done in secret by exclusivity towards God.

Sadoqi Eljabir, is not actually the axis of this token, but the project itself, so he admits to being inspired by the designer of Bitcoin “ Satoshi Nakamoto ” but also that of the Shiba Inu “ Ryoshi ” …

His observation is simple and obvious,

Being passionate about crypto-currency since 2014, he decides to think about a crypto-currency project, which he describes as Solidarity but also Humanitarian and even religious because one of the key elements of this token, is to be able to pay the zakat through it. (annual tax of 2.5%)

The manna of Zakat represents billions of dollars, 1.8 billion Muslims, and a huge percentage of them, even if it is only 30%, have to pay a religious tax of 2.5% on their savings, their salaries, their goods, without forgetting the alms that Muslims strive to pay to grant themselves divine satisfaction but also out of solidarity and to help others

We can observe a concrete case, that of the “Khoumouss”, 1/5 of the income paid by the Shiites to the State’s coffers, for religious reasons.

But the SDT does not want to stop here, it aims to found community projects that will promote the holding of the Token. Moreover, if we add the fact that the zakat is paid every year, provided that the threshold of the Nissab is not reached during a full year, imagine the potential for the flow of the Token!

The SDT is therefore to transfer part of the tokens that come from the ZAKAT to associations and humanitarian organizations but also to NGOs fighting climate change… A vast project, but not only financial but also participatory and with the aim of changing the World for the better…

The project is still in beta phase, but no doubt it will be promising…

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Sadoqi Eljabir

I take a lot of inspiration from Satoshi Nakamoto and Ryoshi. My biggest flaw I think is that I am very altruistic